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This is likely to happen if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and came here via "".
Try this URL instead:

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Item X is not being listed.

The database only contains items with qualities "uncommon" (green) to "legendary" (orange) and item level 70 or higher. Either the item does not fulfill these requirements, or it is too new and has not been imported yet.

Item lists will be updated every 3-5 days, so be a little patient if some brand new items aren't listed yet.

If you are still missing an item and you are sure it should already be there, please let me know by using the feedback form and I will check that certain item.

How are trinkets being calculated?

This is the point where a page like this hits the wall and gives your rusty common sense a chance to be deployed again. ;)

The "Use" effects on trinkets are quite complex and vary so much that it's almost impossible to calculate all their values exactly. Also, the advantage of a usable trinket depends very much on your personal preferences and way of playing.

Nevertheless, I have started to calculate the approximate values of usable trinkets or items with certain procs. You will recognize them by a "(normalized)" or similar bracketed note.

1.) For usable trinkets, I have simply calculated the value they would have if you constantly used them whenever ready. Example:

The [Icon of the Silver Crescent] is valued as if it had 70 spell power on it. Why? - Let's see:

It has 44 spell power + 158 for 20 seconds every 2 minutes.
So let's breakdown how much spell power that would be:

158 x 20 sec / 120 sec = 26,33

Now add this value to the passive spell damage on the trinket:

26,33 + 44 = 70,33 = ~70

2.) For trinkets and other items with procs on them, I have mostly assumed one proc per minute. The vast majority of items has a hidden cooldown of 45 seconds, so one proc per minute is a very likely value which should be suitable for trinket comparison.

A list of items that have already been normalized can be found here. The list will gradually be completed, with priority on max-level trinkets.

How are socket bonuses being calculated?

Socket bonuses are always included in the item value calculation. In other words, socket bonus conditions are assumed to be fulfilled. There will not be an option for switching socket bonuses on or off, as this would become more complex than I want this site to be.

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